Domestic & Commercial Cookware Re-Coating Services

Domestic & Commercial Cookware Recoating Service

Those of us who take pleasure in creating culinary magic in the kitchen will often have invested in a good quality, long-lasting cookware set. Over time, through the various cooking and washing up disasters and mishaps that we all have, the non-stick coatings on these pots, saucepans, skillets, oven pans and casserole dishes can be scratched or damaged. Eventually the cookware ceases to be the joy it once was to cook with.

You'd normally replace it, but with quality kitchenware and bakeware sets running into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars (that may well have been a wedding present) - it makes more sense to have the set you've already got re-coated. It would be madness to throw away Le Creuset or Bessemer cookware when you can have it recoated.

Cookware Re-Coating / Bakeware Re-Coating / Kitchenware Re-Coating

We offer a cookware and bakeware recoating service, offering to recoat the insides and lids (if relevant). The list doesn't stop at saucepans and frying pans though. We recoat BBQ plates, muffin trays, woks, sandwich fact, if we think it'll stick to what you send us, we'll coat it for you.

Cookware Non-Stick Recoating Service

Make sure you read the warning about the possible side effects, however - after all, to cure the non-stick coating onto your cookware, it has to be placed in an industrial oven at 425° Celsius.

Teflon® / Food safe non-stick PTFE coatings

Like many people, you may refer to the non-stick coatings on pots and pans as 'Teflon®'. Teflon® is actually a registered trade name, it is owned by the DuPont® company. It is an example of a non-stick coating which is normally referred to in industry by it's chemical abbreviation PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Depending on the type of cookware you send us, we will select the appropriate coating to use. We coat products in PTFE for a host of business critical industrial applications, so you can be assured that the PTFE coating product we use will be of the highest specification. It will also be tough, hard-wearing....and above all, food-safe. And of course non-stick.

Price Lists

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If you want to discuss your cookware recoating, the logistics, or our multi-item offers then please feel free to give us a call on +61 (0)8 9417 4047.

Commercial Food Processing Equipment

Our range of tough, hard wearing, food safe coatings are available for industrial application. These include Whitfords 8280/8840, as well as PFA, Halar, Ceramkote 54, and Victrex® PEEK™ Vicote.

If you are in the food processing industry in Western Australia, or further beyond, and need our help with food-safe dry lubricant application to your plant and machinery, then please feel free to get in touch.


Changes that may occur to your cookware during the re-coating process for which Surface Technology (Australia) will not take responsibility:

  • 1. Outside coatings may fade, become darker or less glossy or show staining as cooking fats leech out.
  • 2. Some outside coatings may burn off altogether.
  • 3. Pitting and deep scratches on inner cooking surfaces which have filled with carbon etc may become more evident after the metal cleaning process for re-coating.
  • 4. Light aluminium trays, fry pans etc can distort during the curing process (i.e. at 425°C).